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  • February 16th 2018 05:18 PM - Congratulations to our pastor, Dr. Randall Nichols. He has successfully completed his dissertation oral defense for the Doctor of Ministry... more

  • February 13th 2018 01:36 PM - Very nice thank you dinner from Pastor Randy and Denise to our church for time off for his sabbatical. Was... more

  • February 9th 2018 09:42 AM - On Sunday, February 11, Randy and Denise are providing Sunday Dinner at 11:45 am to thank the congregation for their... more

  • February 7th 2018 11:58 AM - Due to forecast of snow and cold, plus a number being ill, we have decided to cancel Sojourners for Thursday,... more

  • January 28th 2018 11:59 AM - We will have a community choir to sing a Cantata for the Community Good Friday services at Middle River Friends... more

  • January 26th 2018 02:05 PM - Services for Kenny Underwood will be on Friday, February 16 at Middle River Friends Church. Visitation will be from 10:00... more

  • January 24th 2018 12:14 PM - We are sad to let you know that Kenneth Allen Underwood went home from the hospital yesterday and died early... more

  • January 18th 2018 09:32 PM - Our prayers and condolences go out to Becky Dyer and her family as they lay Frank to rest this morning.... more

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